Welcome to ROUSSETOS

ROUSSETOS is one of the longest-lasting & innovative companies in the production and commerce industries of wooden floors.

Tradition & Innovation

The secret of our success is based on our traditional values and years of experience. At the same time, we monitor and follow all the latest trends to ensure we always remain one step ahead of our time.

Having delved into the production of high-quality floorings and investing in state-of-the-art machinery, the ROUSSETOS company operates in the production of painted floors and the promotion of innovative styles.

Those innovations allow us to enrich wooden raw materials and highlight their unique features. Classic floorings can be transformed the way customers desire, either by changing their color or by enhancing their surface.

Our production process is certified, and our products are covered by a 20-year guarantee of robust manufacture.


By using excellent raw materials and high-quality products that have been certified with the best technical specifications, ROUSSETOS company has focused on the refinishing and the styling of its products, creating aesthetically unique products. Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ preferences with products that besides high-quality materials, they are also exceptional decorative elements for each space.

The company production is a shining model of state-of-the-art and fully operational industrial units. Thanks to our mechanical equipment and our personnel’s specialty in new technologies, we produce a wide range of wooden floors with high-quality standards.


Mentality – Vision – Values

Since 1954, committed to maintaining and constantly improving our quality, we invest in the modernization of our facilities and machinery. We always enrich our product portfolio, primarily focused on providing outstanding customer service and protecting the environment.

The ROUSSETOS company always evolves while having its focus in providing outstanding customer services, maintaining and constantly improving quality, the modernization of facilities, and the enrichment of its products. Our goal is the delivery of high-quality products and the continuous quality control of the services that we offer. Our highly specialized staff has a unique and thorough approach towards each project’s specifications, to overcome any possible obstacles with efficiency and meet the expectations of our customers.

Our vision is to maintain our leading position in the production and trading of wooden floors and to grow by offering high-quality products and services to our customers in Greece and abroad. To achieve it, we continuously invest in the modernization of our facilities our machinery, while we also expand the range of our products.

From the inception of our company until today, the core values that inspire us is the love for wood, our passion for perfection, our guaranteed quality, the continuous research, and our exceptional customer service.

Our successful course

Our milestones

Satisfied customers over the last 15 years.


Years in the parquet industry.


Square meters of installed parquets.


Exclusive projects in Greece and abroad.

We specialize in creating comfortable interiors

Our company offers complete solutions for the needs of every interior from design to installation.