Athens Capital Hotel Ma Gallery selected Roussetos wooden floors

In the heart of the center of Athens, among the most emblematic and historic buildings of the capital, the new Athens Capital Hotel Ma Gallery opened its gates, reviving in the best way the history of the building on Kriezotou Street that was designed 60 years ago and housed the legendary King’s Palace.
In this monumental project that looks to the future that we all want for Athens and our country in general, ROUSSETOS company had the honor to be the supplier of all wooden floors that have been installed both indoors and outdoors.

Indoors, oak flooring of our production was placed in wide boards, painted in the warm color of walnut, coated with the highest uv oil quality that gives exceptional durability and hardness to the surface. The earthy and warm tone of the floor is the basis of the color palette of each space and highlights the careful furniture and the incomparable aesthetic works of art that adorn the space.

In the outdoor area of the roof garden, a DECK of excellent raw material quality and absolutely suitable for outdoors use was installed. The warmth of the wood, with the unique view of Attica from the Acropolis to the Saronic Gulf, form a unique aesthetic space, worthy of enchanting every visitor.